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Top 7 Sustainable British Fish

Posted on March 14 by 7th Rise in General

Top 7 Sustainable British Fish.

Did you know?!

The 'Big 3' - Salmon, Tinned Tuna, and Cod - account for over 80% of fish consumed in the UK.

If we don't change the way we fish our oceans, research predicts that by the next generation global stocks will be fully exploited.

With that in mind, we think it’s definitely time to get a bit more adventurous with our eating habits... If you've never tried - or even heard of - any of these fish, you need to get asking for them from your fish supplier. 

1.    Sea Bream
2.    Red Gurnard (or Red Mullet )
3.    Mackerel
4.    Flounder
5.    Bib (or Pout)
6.    Pollock
7.    Sardines

Sea Bream is a real restaurant with standard firm tasty fish. Small but tasty and currently very sustainable.

Red gurnards are very distinctive bottom-dwelling fish. Very sweet meat and a River Cottage favorite. Super cheap too, as they are seen as a nuisance bycatch.

Mackerel, what a fish! You must source them fresh as they are an 'oily' fish that spoils quickly. Amazingly healthy and one of the most sustainable fish out there. Get on the Mackerel. Smoked Mackerel is amazing too! Men always like fake rolex watches.

Flounder, the most sustainable of all the flatfish, so better than Plaice or Dab.

Pout, like Pollock, is in the Cod family, so has a firm white flesh without bones in the fillet.  

Sardines, think BBQ's in the sun in the Mediterranean. Very very cheap, get them fresh and baste in garlic oils over the hot coals in summer

If this interests you or you would like to know more, then join the 'River Cottage Fish Fight' campaign, which is changing the habits of commercial fishing practices in the EU for the better. Here's the link: Hugh's Fish Fight

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