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Both Sides Retreats at 7th Rise

Posted on November 22 by 7th Rise in General

In Spring 2024 Both Sides Retreats comes to 7th Rise. 

It feels like a significant point in history that people are going against the grain that we have been taught to believe is true and this team of passionate men are committed to helping those keen to change course and feel supported in the process.

Anthony and Josh explore 'the beneficial character traits of the modern man, discussing healthy applications for these traits in our ever evolving world, and discovering a new archetype for masculinity that goes beyond surface level stereotypes.

Both Sides is a physical, emotional and spiritual journey created for men of all ages and backgrounds to rediscover and redefine masculinity. Together we will talk, sweat, struggle, laugh, cry, and gently break down the barriers blocking access to our most authentic, capable and compassionate selves.'

Find out more and book here Spring Rewilding Retreat 7th Rise — Both Sides Retreats

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