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The Tribe

Find out who is looking after you...

Thom Hunt - Founder

Thom is now living in South East England, fishing for Westin and running a farm with his wife Ellie and son Finn.

Thom now supports the team on the ground with visits to Cornwall when he can. He misses living at the cottage and life in the woods and is so glad so many people can enjoy it for themselves!

Izzie MacQueen - Co-Owner and Venue Manager

With a passion for people, Cornwall and new cultures, Izzie is always looking for adventures in the wild outdoors; her passions lie in river and sea swimming, forest hikes, community action, music and roaming the coast with her dog Thea. She will be on site to introduce you to the 7th Rise lifestyle and is your go to for all booking enquiries. Contact her on 07432186035 or [email protected].

Andy Blackwell - Co-Owner and The Artist

Andy has been with us since the beginning. He has shaped 7th Rise in so many forms - from the hazel archways, the countless 7th Rise-inspired poems and performances, youth and adult mentoring, to the natural sculpture trail in the woods he created during the Covid-19 pandemic. It would not be the 7th Rise you see today without him and when you meet him you will certainly be entertained. He will welcome you to the wild, share stories around the campfire and show you green woodworking skills you will keep forever. 

Jay and Canoe Cornwall - The Survivalists

Jay and his team cover most of our adventure activities, leading you through canoeing, bushcraft, archery, axe and spear throwing. They’re all incredibly experienced at thriving in varied outdoor habitats, and between them they boast credentials such as teaching Ray Mears specialist canoeing techniques, and running Bear Grylls’ survival camps.

Stuart Woodman - Foraging and Wild Food Chef

Stuart is the epitome of the 7th Rise ethos, if he isn't working with us he's out doing it anyway! His love for Wild environments is both inspiring and calming, and his knowledge of edible plants is superb. Find him walking the coast path with his dog Alba, teaching foraging to all ages and cooking up a zero waste feast in our outdoor kitchen. 

Matt Vernon - Cornish Wild Food

Matt has been based in Cornwall and around the River Fal for the last 10 years and is the previous owner of the Cornish Mussel Shack. Matt is an incredible forager with so much in depth knowledge, particularly mushrooms. When he has a moment spare from selling out his own private walks, he's working with the team here at 7th Rise and making everyone smile. Due to his diverse skills and enthusiastic nature, Matt has made numerous guest appearences on TV and created multiple wild recipes for books and magazines.

Sarah MacQueen - wildlife and wild life expert

Sarah joined us in 2020 after years of working in hospitality and as a therapist. She thought it was about time to get outdoors and find somewhere she could engage in the conversation of wildlife, climate change, sustainability and behaviour change. Plus wear a dickies jumpsuit to work. She has a way with people, always asks direct questions you might not be ready for but they'll make you think and she'll always be the first to spot the kingfisher with or without the binoculars. 

Lee Smith - tinkerer and tools

Lee joined the team in 2021 after originally visiting 7th Rise as a brand representative for Filson in 2018. Dreaming of life in the woods ever since to replace the streets of London, he decided to take the plunge and move to Cornwall to live a life more wild. He found himself feeling at home immediately, surrounded by the trees and this community. You'll find him tinkering with old tools, sharpening axes, chopping wood, drinking coffee and usually covered in dirt.

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