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Create Your Own

Create your own 7th Rise experience

If you're looking to come and stay in the woods with a bunch of mates, bring some food and drink but most of all reconnect with the outdoors, then we can highly reccommend creating your own bespoke experience with us. This can be a cost-effective way to both self-cater as well as learning some skills and outdoor know-how along the way.

Hire our entire venue for £40/person/night, sleeping up to 18 people and then add as many of the following courses on as you like:

Foraging £25/head

Find your own dinner in the woods, hedgerows, seashore & fields surrounding the 7th Rise venue. Collecting wild herbs, plants, roots, shoots, flowers, seeds, fruits, fungi or shellfish to add to one of our famous dishes such as Wild Paella, foragers soup or Venison Chilli. Impress your mates back at home after learning to cook your own ‘wild signature dish’ over the fire you made yourself! 

Wild Game Butchery £45/head

Get to know your way around a blade, a carcass and learn basic butchery skills. A great introduction to prepping your dinner for the flame! Our groups get a full deer carcass to butcher and learn the anatomy of the animal and skills of master butchers. We begin with a lesson in knife selection and sharpening before moving on to skinning techniques and breaking down a full carcass into different steaks, cuts and joints, all in preparation for providing the key ingredient to our famous venison speciality. 95% of the time we are able to source a deer carcass however with wild animals there is no guarantee as they are shot to order for us. As an alternative we offer rabbit carcasses for each group member to skin and butcher and demonstrations of other seasonal wild game, such as pigeon, pheasant or duck. 

Bush-craft survival skills £25/head

AXES, FIRES, KNIVES! This session will give you all of the basic survival skills to carry you through your stay at 7th Rise. Starting fires from scratch (bow drill, magnesium striker stick, and fire piston techniques) through to expert knife and axe handling techniques, we encourage the group to be fully immersed in the experience and leave the responsibility of the firestarting up to you... so listen carefully! 

Canadian Canoeing £30/head*

We're lucky enough to be based on the banks of the river Fal, and no adventure at 7th Rise would be complete without heading out onto the water. This session can be run a number of different ways depending on group experience and weather conditions. Fishing (if the river is clear enough), makeshift sailing Swallows and Amazon style (if its windy enough) or simply an exploratory trip up the coves and creeks of the river. 

Archery £25/head

Be ready to let your competitive nature shine as our Archery session includes a variety of fast paced techniques and challenges. From head-to-head 'dualling' to top score individual and team events there is always a lot of fun and excitement as it can come down to the last arrow! Mini prizes (and forfeits) for the best (and worst!) performers on the day. All equipment provided with left and right handed bows (and arrows!) available. 

All subject to our instructors' availability. *Canoeing is based on group sizes of 10-16. Groups of 16+ are split in two.

Email us at [email protected] for more details