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Weekend Adventures

Cost: £315

Weekend adventures

  • All-inclusive outdoor adventure weekend
  • Private hire of our isolated woodland venue
  • Accommodation options of treehouse, cottage, potting shed, shepherd's hut and hunting lodge
  • Five guided sessions by our expert instructors
  • All food and equipment supplied

Bushcraft Survival 

This session will give you all of the basic survival skills to carry you through the weekend. Starting fires from scratch (bow drill, magnesium striker stick, and fire piston techniques) through to expert knife and axe handling techniques, we encourage the group to be fully immersed in the experience and leave the responsibility of the firestarting up to you... so listen carefully!

If time allows, we can also cover other advanced survival techniques like animal trapping, clean water collection and shelter building... everything you'd need to know if you were stranded in the wild!

Canadian Canoeing

We're lucky enough to be based on the banks of the river Fal, and no adventure weekend would be complete without heading out onto the water.

This session can be run a number of different ways depending on group experience and weather conditions. Fishing, makeshift sailing Swallows and Amazon style or simply an exploratory trip up the coves and creeks of the river.

Wild Game butchery

Get to know your way around a blade, a carcass and learn basic butchery skills. A great introduction to prepping your dinner for the flame! Our stag groups get a full deer carcass to butcher and learn the anatomy of the animal and skills of master butchers. We begin with a lesson in knife selection and sharpening before moving on to skinning techniques and breaking down a full carcass into different steaks, cuts and joints, all in preparation for providing the key ingredient to our famous venison speciality.

Foraging & Cooking

Find your own dinner in the woods, hedgerows, seashore & fields surrounding the 7th Rise venue. Collecting wild herbs, plants, roots, shoots, flowers, seeds, fruits, fungi or shellfish to add to one of our famous dishes such as Wild Paella, foragers soup or Venison Chilli. Impress your mates back at home after learning to cook your own ‘wild signature dish’ over the fire you made yourself!


Be ready to let your competitive nature shine as our Archery session includes a variety of fast paced techniques and challenges. From head-to-head 'dualling' to top score individual and team events there is always a lot of fun and excitement as it can come down to the last arrow! Mini prizes (and forfeits) for the best (and worst!) performers on the day.

Over the duration of the weekend you will also have plenty of time to explore the surroundings, relax in the hammocks and wild swim in our private creek. 

We pride ourselves on offering unique experiences so please contact us if you have any specific requests or questions; we can accommodate most things! We also understand that group sizes can change, therefore if you're unsure of your final numbers, we recommend securing your dates by booking the minimum of 12. Then keep us up to date via email on any group size changes.

Friday 4pm - Sunday 4pm