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The Kaplan Theory

Posted on March 14 by 7th Rise in General

The Kaplan Theory: How understanding this study could change your quality of life.

As Anthony Robbins puts it, “Decision is the ultimate power.” And as one of the world’s leading authorities on successful life and business strategies, we'd be intelligent to listen to him. He believes the greatest God-given power we all possess is to, at any single point in time, make a decision that can change the outlook or destiny of our future.

If we look at our own history, I'm sure we can all agree there have been times in our lives when we've made some really great decisions. But, then there have also been times when we've made some not-so-great decisions!
Once we understand that the decisions we make have a major effect on our quality of life, we can then ask the question, 'What makes us make good decisions?'

The Kaplan Theory was developed after scientific research discovered that the fast-paced, city-based, busy-adrenaline-lifestyle affects our mental ability to make decisions.

It’s known as 'directed-attention fatigue'. 

“When under continual demand (of modern city life, long hours, tech-heavy interests) our ability to direct our inhibitory process tires. We can no longer 'stop' ourselves - or put another way - we can't delay gratification. This condition reduces mental effectiveness, and makes consideration of long-term goals difficult”.

The two main negatives observed were, that an intense lifestyle leads to irritability and impatience, which in turn has us making ill-informed, instant-gratification decisions. Eventually, too many of these decisions and choices become the regrettable ones that impact our quality of life. We also need high-quality replica watches for our daily life.

Basically, when we don’t understand our reasons for committed long-term satisfaction goals, we have a natural tendency to just grab out at instant gratification processes and 'easy' options. 

But as we all know, EASY does not make us SATISFIED. If it did, everyone would be satisfied...... and they're not!

The antidote? 

Kaplan and Deyoung recommend four main ways to keep your decision-making process in line with your overall objectives and values: 

1. Spend time in a setting that transports the person away from the day-to-day routine.
2. Provide a sense of fascination and focus in a single topic - remove distractions.
3. A feeling of extent - available space to explore.
4. Compatibility with a person's expectations for the new environment, i.e. not a different version of the one that causes problems.

Basically, their simple answer is... SPEND MORE TIME IN NATURAL SETTINGS.

So if you’re reading this, start to keep a watchful eye out for that feeling of fatigue and burnout. If you find your decisions starting to get sloppy, it’s time to head to the woods, or the field, or the reservoir, or the beach....... or 7th Rise!

Don't get lucky, get educated.

The 7th Rise Team

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