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2-Day Adventure

Adult: £195

2 day group adventure

Ideal for weekday getaways and quick nature connection fixes - our 2-day adventures are a shortcut to the wild life. With 3 activities, a night’s stay, and 3 hot meals.

Bushcraft - Foraging - Canadian Canoeing - 3 meals - 1 night stay

Our 2 day adventure will have your group feeling refreshed as well as stacked full of wild knowledge from edible plants, woodland and firestarting skills and your trip on the river Fal in Canadian canoes will showcase the local wildlife at their best.

Arrive at 4pm on Monday - Introductions, a walk in the woodland and learn key bushcraft skills, ready for dinner around the campfire and under the stars. Sleep in any of our accommodation options - Shepherd's Hut, 300 year old cottage, Potting Shed or Hunting Lodge. Cook in our outdoor kitchen, dine on our outdoor feast table, enjoy the hot outdoor showers and woodburner in the barn. Read a book, talk to strangers, wander in the trees. Tuesday morning - a hearty breakfast followed by a wild swim, then a foraging walk and wild lunch preparations to take out on the canoes. Explore the 15 acre riverside venue, swing in the hammocks, take your time and head off home anytime from 4pm onwards.


Minimum group size 8, maximum 18